Ultrasound Guided Joint Injection In Brooklyn NYC

What is the ultrasound guided injection?

An ultrasound guided injection is a steroid injection that includes a probe at the end of the needle that has ultrasound imaging. This allows the provider to be sure that they are injecting the steroid, which is often cortisone, into the appropriate area. It prevents the provider from applying the injection into the wrong area.

The doctor giving an ultrasound guided injection
The doctor giving an ultrasound guided injection

How does the injection work?

A technician or doctor/therapist will apply the injection to the patient as needed for pain or injury. They utilize anywhere from a 21 to 27 gauge needle on disinfected skin. They penetrate the skin with the needle that is being monitored by an ultrasonographic machine. This ensures that the needle and injection is given in the appropriate area as related to the patients pain and any bursa. Corticosteroid is injected into the area as well as an anesthetic as needed.

This is an outpatient procedure that requires very little preparation or post-appiontment support. The area that the injection is applied to should not be utilized for approximately 48 hours in order to recover.

It is possible to have complications from the injection such as bleeding or allergy. If a person does not respond well to the injection, the provider will flush the area as needed.

What benefits does it have?

The benefits of an ultrasound guided injection include easy application, ensuring accuracy, and resolving injuries to improve joint functioning, reducing pain, and improviding overall quality of life. This is a procedure that is commonly used for patients with orthopedic issues because it is extremely helpful in reducing pain and also an easy service to provide with little pain involved. For example, an ultrasound guided injection is a commonly used service for patients with joint problems in their knees or shoulders.

Where can I access ultrasound guided injections?

Patients who need ultrasound guided injections have likely already received a diagnosis for their pain or have been getting support for an injury. If they are connected to sports medicine or pain medicine, they should be able to simply talk with their provider to see if this is an appropriate service.

If a patient is unsure of why they are having pain, they should receive an accurate diagnosis prior to having an injection.

For patients living with chronic pain in New York, our pain clinic is available to provide assessments and treatment planning to reduce pain and improve functioning and overall life quality.

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