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"The best physician out there especially with the new technologies that he have in his office."
Iris Andruckson
Google Review
"Since l start seeing Dr. Henry Sardar in the Clinic Pain Management to treat my condition of pain in different areas of my body. I have improved from 60 to 70% out of pain. His recommendations and treatments helping me a lot. I recommend him to some of my friends and are very happy with him."
Lourdes Velasquez
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"I’ve been to other medical places but Ahava is one of the best. Dr Sardar is very efficient and the staff is very friendly, I would recommend my friends and family to visit there anytime."
Carmen B
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"I used the machine for my back since I have scoliosis and it helped me with the discomfort I had. It relieved my pain and I was able to function better."
Rose Rodriguez
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"Ever since starting treatment for my chronic low back pain with Dr. Henry Sardar, my pain is significantly improve. I cannot thank Dr. Sardar and his team enough!"
Himal Patel
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"En la mejor experiencia que he tenido en esta clínica gracias a Dios llegado el sitio bueno."
Maria Pagan
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"I must say i have been receiving excellent care. Dr Sadar is an experience yet warm person. He provides state of the art treatment. The staff is warm and friendly. This is definitely the time of experience and service you need especially when dealing with PAIN...such and environment in itself helps with the pain.. I recommend Dr Sadar highly and his professional team!"
Hilma Soto
Google Review
"Dr. Sardar informs me of available treatment options, including benefits and risks, and respected the choices I made. Dr. Sardar does not "push" specific treatments when I have been reluctant to pursue recommended protocols. To me, Dr. Sardar is a caring and competent professional who makes every effort to see me at the time scheduled."
Mordechai lebovits
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