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Dr. Sardar, his assistant Wendy and Theresa are absolutely WONDERFUL! I’ve been treated with lidocaine injections in conjunction with shockwave and laser therapy treatments which has helped with my severe lower back pain. Dr. Sadar and his team took the time to explain the different treatments plans with me. I am definitely going to continue my treatments. I can’t wait to get back to a normal life!
Truly a great experience, I’ve been seeing Dr. Sardar for the past couple months to help with my ankle pain. He used the shockwave therapy to help with the inflammation in my ankle. Let me tell ya, I use to have so much pain getting up in the morning. Now I feel like I can jump out of bed with ease and not be afraid of walking long distances. Thank you so much Dr. Sardar and the wonderful staff for helping me with my pain! Special kudos to Wendy she is always so nice and makes you feel comfortable while getting the treatments!
for the BEST PAIN MANAGEMENT with CARE and quick RESULTS offered with TREATMENT and RECOVERY by far most a great team of members this is the very best I’ve received! Thank you DR. Sardar & Ms Wendy for your service & treatment!
Gloria Ramos
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I'm beyond grateful to receive a lidocaine treatment that is natural and helpful to my body also too say goodbye to my pain with out having to do any type of surgery or invasive treatment that will keep me in bed or out of work.... .Shockwave ,EMTT , K lazer and much more , has helped me so much these three years working with the pain management options that the doctor has in his office to help his patients naturally. PLease go check this doctor out really cares about all his patients that come with pain good work 5 stars ! LOVE !!!!! Great Pain management doctor with warm & friendly staff Best Brooklyn Pain management doctor you have pain come .
I have struggled with chronic pain for 20 years or more from a severely herniated disc, but thank God I discovered Dr. Sardar from a simple Google search!! Just one visit erased so much tension and I’m looking forward to weekly visits. I am confidant that Sr. Sadar’s exceptional hand at giving Trigger Point injections, and Shockwave Therapy will finally heal me. Dr. Sardar is not only skilled at alleviating chronic pain but his bedside manner is the best as he really cares about his patients! He gets 5 stars!
I love coming to pain management to see doctor Henry Sardar very caring and so informative in a treatment plan that will best help me naturally. I'm very happy to say he walks in his office with a smile and says hi to all his patients his The best brooklyn pain management doctor come see him his technology is so advanced and good ...Shockwave therapy, klazer, Emtt and cryotherapy so some of many treatments he has !!! Wendy is the best
"I would like to say that work environment is amazing. Happy informative and light hearted they leave their drama at home and they're there to work and make you feel good. Hospitality at its best now the treatments I received were K Laser Therapy // CryoPolarBear Therapy // Piezowaze (shockwave) Therapy. I have received about three treatments of each at the moment and I was skeptical at first but it does work if you work with it don't give up people persevere and push yourself to betterment I recommend and hope you receive the same exceptional service that I received may peace blessings and mercy find all ."
"The best physician out there especially with the new technologies that he have in his office."
Iris Andruckson
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"Since l start seeing Dr. Henry Sardar in the Clinic Pain Management to treat my condition of pain in different areas of my body. I have improved from 60 to 70% out of pain. His recommendations and treatments helping me a lot. I recommend him to some of my friends and are very happy with him."
Lourdes Velasquez
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"I’ve been to other medical places but Ahava is one of the best. Dr Sardar is very efficient and the staff is very friendly, I would recommend my friends and family to visit there anytime."
Carmen B
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"I used the machine for my back since I have scoliosis and it helped me with the discomfort I had. It relieved my pain and I was able to function better."
Rose Rodriguez
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"Ever since starting treatment for my chronic low back pain with Dr. Henry Sardar, my pain is significantly improve. I cannot thank Dr. Sardar and his team enough!"
Himal Patel
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"En la mejor experiencia que he tenido en esta clínica gracias a Dios llegado el sitio bueno."
Maria Pagan
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"I must say i have been receiving excellent care. Dr Sadar is an experience yet warm person. He provides state of the art treatment. The staff is warm and friendly. This is definitely the time of experience and service you need especially when dealing with PAIN...such and environment in itself helps with the pain.. I recommend Dr Sadar highly and his professional team!"
Hilma Soto
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"Dr. Sardar informs me of available treatment options, including benefits and risks, and respected the choices I made. Dr. Sardar does not "push" specific treatments when I have been reluctant to pursue recommended protocols. To me, Dr. Sardar is a caring and competent professional who makes every effort to see me at the time scheduled."
Mordechai lebovits
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