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How Physical and Occupational Therapy can support you

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a rehabilitative service that many people access every year. Physical therapy focuses on improving your movement, mobility, and overall functioning. Physical therapy is a common service that someone has after injury or if they can chronic physical conditions or disabilities.

When you work with a Physical Therapist you can expect to work towards strengthening of targeted areas, improving range of motion, decreasing pain, and moving more easily. For example, if you have recently had a knee replacement, you will attend therapy after surgery in order to ensure the best use of your knee with the least amount of pain.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is also a rehabilitation service. It focuses on recovering functioning for daily tasks and improving fine motor skills. Occupational therapists often conduct home assessments to identify if any assistive technology can be utilized in order to improve quality of life.

For example, a person who recently had a stroke will attend occupational therapy during their recovery if they lost functioning in areas of their body. The occupational therapist will help them regain strength but might also help them install a shower chair or grab bar in order to ensure their health and safety upon discharge home without services.

Occupational therapists often work with patients who have recently had an injury or illness, who have chronic pain, who have neurological conditions, joint conditions, hand conditions, developmental disabilities, psychological conditions, and dementia.

What are the benefits of these therapies?

The benefits of both physical and occupational therapy are decrease in pain, improvement in physical functioning, improvement in the ability to complete daily tasks of living (walking, showering, bathing, dressing, etc.), and any additional goals that are identified by the patient and the therapist.

Receiving therapy services is a very person-centered process. The patient and the therapist will meet to identify the best treatment plan as related to that patients condition. They will write goals, identify ways to meet goals, and the therapist will track the patients progress. They will make adjustments as needed to the care plan over the period of their work together. The therapists might also teach a patient’s caregivers how best to support them or complete therapies at home in addition to completing therapy with the provider.

Where can I access these therapies?

There are many different ways to access physical or occupational therapy. A person might access it in a hospital or nursing facility if they have an acute condition. For example, immediately after therapy or if they are unsafe to discharge home. They can also access it on an outpatient basis at a rehabilitation clinic or office.

Anyone local to New York can access these services through our Pain Therapy clinic. We enjoy providing creative therapy services that are specific to our patient’s needs to ensure they make a full recovery or regain as much of their functional abilities as possible.

We Accept Most Insurances.

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