Fluoroscopic Guided Injection For Pain Management

What is facet joint injection and how does it help me?

What is facet joint injection?

Facet joint injections are injections that are applied to areas in the spine where two vertebrae are joined together. They support reduction in inflammation that may be caused by a variety of medical conditions. A medical doctor or pain doctor will help the patient to identify if the injection is going to be an appropriate service to reduce pain. The injection is given near a nerve that leads from the facet joint.

How is it utilized?

Facet injections are applied very quickly. The entire procedure typically takes up to 60 minutes. The injection is applied in a few steps:

1. Devices will monitor the patient’s heart rate and breathing

2. A sedative may be given to help the patient relax

3. The patient and doctor will find a position that is both comfortable and helpful to the injection process

4. An anesthetic will be applied to the injection site to numb the skin

5. The doctor might inject a dye to contract the area and identify the parts of the spine that are needed for correct placement of the injection

6. The injection is given with anti-inflammatory steroids directly into the spine

Potential side effects include nerve problems, increased pain, incontinence, headaches, bleeding, stroke, and spinal cord injury. Spinal injections are more risky than other subcutaneous injections. Patient’s should discuss with their doctor what the right treatment is for them.

How does the injection benefit me?

Facet joint injections help to reduce inflammation that is caused by arthritis or joint degeneration. This will reduce pain and improve mobility for patients with chronic pain and loss of functioning. This should help speed up the recovery process.

Please note that some patients require more than one injection to feel relief.

How can I access it?

To access this injection, patients will need a diagnosis and to assess the spine. Often doctors will inject numbing medicine into the spine and if it relieves the pain then they can assume the injection will be beneficial.

An orthopedic doctor, sports medicine doctor, or pain doctor will support the patient during this time. This is not a treatment that a primary care doctor will be offering.

Patients local to the New York area can visit our clinic for a full assessment of the spine. Our doctors are very familiar with spine health and work with patients in a variety of ways to ensure the quality of treatment offered is high.

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