Cryotherapy For Pain, Inflammation & Migraines In Brooklyn NYC

What is cryotherapy and how does it help me?

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a treatment that involves very cold temperatures. In fact, some temperatures are almost at freezing. It is a commonly used treatment in pain care and in beauty or wellness clinics. It is a treatment deamed safe for medical use. It is not always the most comfortable of treatments, however. Imagine sitting in an ice chest for a few minutes. This is potentially what cryotherapy can feel like.

How is it utilized?

Cryotherapy is used for several reasons. It is most often used as a whole-body treatment for its general health benefits that will be discussed. It can also be used for very specific reasons as related to pain, injuries, and even cancers. For example, freezing temperatures are used to kill cancerous cells.

Cryotherapy should not be used for more than a few minutes or it could be fatal. When used in very small amounts of time, it is safe.

Cryotherapy is often used by athletes and young people when they injure an area. For example, a sprained ankle often requires an ice pack or ice bath. This is an example of cryotherapy. Pain therapy doctors use it often with their patients in combination with other services. For example, they might utilize cryotherapy in combination with massage, physical therapy, or other rehabilitative services.

How does cryotherapy benefit me?

Cryotherapy is found to have many benefits as identified by research. They are as follows:

1. Pain care – it helps reduce muscle pain and joint pain. It helps to heal injuries.

2. Weight loss – it helps to support the weight loss process by prompting the body to work harder to stay warm, thus burning more calories

3. Inflammation – it reduces inflammation and therefore helps with a variety of health disorders such as autoimmune issues

4. Dementia – a 2012 study reported that cryotherapy helps to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress that is associated with dementia

5. Treating migraines – cold when applied to the neck and head can reduce the pain associated with migraines and chronic headaches

How can I access it?

Cryotherapy is not a service that has to be accessed just by a medical provider. It is a service that can be found in wellness centers and perhaps even fitness facilities. It is also found in sports medicine and pain clinics.

A person could access cryotherapy in alternative settings but they should always ensure that their doctor is aware of the use, intent of use, and approves of the use.


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